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The Steel Beam Plasma Cutting Fabrication Machine
considered the industry leader is PythonX.

Midwest's top toll processor for steel slitting
is The Material Works.

Video: The Two-Cell EPS Coil Line at Lee Steel



  Modern Metals, March 2013
  • EPS helps Kloeckner Metals
  • super-clean rust proof surface
  • combined with Stretcher Leveling
    to eliminate 'springback' problems
Modern Metals March 2013    
  Metal Center News, July 2012
  • Stripco starts up new EPS Coil Line
  • why EPS made more sense as an
    investment than acid pickling.
  • EPS better on high carbon alloys
 Steel Times International December 2009
  Metal Center News, May 2011
  • "TMW: EPS Ready For Rollout"
  • features EPS Sheet Line
  • review of EPS advantages over
    acid pickling
Metal Center News May 2011    
  Steel Times International, Dec. 2009
  • "EPS Pickling Increases Roughness"
  • explains how EPS produces target Ra
  • explains why different surface Ra values
    are useful in different applications
 Steel Times International December 2009
  Stahl & Eisen, August 2009
  • published in German only
  • Overview of EPS technology and
    the Alpha coil-to-coil line
  • preview next-generation EPS Cell
EPS in Stahl & Eisen    



    TMW to Increase Capacity of Stretcher Levelers

July 12, 2017

(Red Bud, IL) The Material Works, Ltd. (TMW) today announced it is investing in upgrading the capacity of its two Stretcher Leveler Cut-to-Length lines at its Red Bud plant. The need for greater capacity has resulted from high demand for EPS Unlimited sheet product. That demand is a result of the new Generation 3 EPS Coil line that started up in February 2017. Get full details . . .


    EPS Generation 3 Technology Now In Operation

March 7, 2017

(Red Bud, IL) On February 6, 2017, the most advanced EPS technology platform – the EPS Generation 3 Coil Line – processed its first coil at the TMW Technology Center. This debut of the integrated new TMW-supplied EPS Coil line features: the new, high-performance ‘armor plated’ EPS Cell, a patented pull-through tension leveler, the simplified, low maintenance filtration system, TMW’s state-of-the-art controls, the ability to EPS low/high carbon, AHSS, silicon steel, and stainless all on the same line.
Get full details . . .


    TMW Wins AMM Steel Excellence Award for EPS

June 21, 2016

(Red Bud, IL) The Material Works, Ltd. (TMW) has been named the winner of American Metal Market’s 2016 Award for Steel Excellence in the category Best Process Innovation. This prestigious award recognizes the research, application testing and design refinements to TMW’s patented Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) technology that achieves much faster, more complete pickling of challenging grades of steel. Get full details . . .


    EPS Coil Line Tops Advanced Technology Minimill

January 28, 2016

(Red Bud, IL) Talleres y Aceros (TYASA) has ordered a two-cell EPS Coil Line to complete what is arguably the most advanced, environmentally-friendly minimill facility in the world. The EPS line, which will employ the latest Version 2.2 technology, will descale hot rolled strip up to 1.9 mm (0.075″) thick and 1830 mm (72″) wide in coils up to 33,100 kg (73,000 lbs.) . Get full details . . .


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TMW to Add EPS Coil Line to Red Bud Plant

February 11, 2015

(Red Bud, IL) The Material Works, Ltd. (TMW) today announced it will be installing an advanced 12.7mm (0.500″) tension leveled EPS Coil Line capable of pickling CQ, High Carbon, HSLA, Alloy, AHSS, silicon steel, and stainless steels at its toll processing center in Red Bud, Illinois. The line may be the world's first 'push-pull' pickling line for stainless steel. Get full details . . .

SMS Siemag To Provide EPS Pickling Lines

September 11, 2014

(Red Bud, IL) The Material Works, Ltd. (TMW) and SMS Siemag AG (SMS) have entered into an agreement for SMS to offer, design, build and install processing lines incorporating EPS Cells for descaling carbon and stainless coiled strip steel. TMW, or one of its designated manufacturers of EPS Cells, will supply completed cells plus technical and support services to SMS for integration into SMS strip pickling lines anywhere in the world.
Get full details . . .

TMW & SES Partner on EPS Lines for Steel Mills

August 4, 2014

(Red Bud, IL) The Material Works, Ltd. (TMW) and SES LLC. announced today that they are partnering to produce 'mill duty' EPS Coil Lines for the global steel mill market. SES will design and build automated EPS pickling lines for both integrated and mini mills around the world under a nonexclusive license from TMW. Get full details . . .

New JV to Manufacture EPS Cells in China

April 16, 2014

(Red Bud, IL) The Material Works, Ltd. (TMW) and Zhejiang Jingu Company, Ltd. announced today that they have formed a joint venture company, TMW Jingu Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Company Limited, to supply EPS Cells exclusively to the Chinese and Korean markets. Zhejiang Jingu will also install a two-cell EPS Coil Line in a new Steel Service Center being built in conjunction with Chinese steelmaker ANSTEEL. Get full details . . .

Excellent Results From EPS Galvanizing Trials

February 6, 2014

(Red Bud, IL) The Material Works released results of testing performed on samples of EPS processed material that was hot dip galvanized. A USA galvanizer reported 'excellent results' and testing conducted in Europe by SMS-SIEMAG provided detailed test results of galvanized EPS-procesed material of different surface roughness levels. Get full details . . .

EPS Wins Approval From GM and Chrysler

December 6, 2013

(Red Bud, IL) After reviewing the results of a battery of tests conducted on EPS samples, the US automotive OEMs General Motors and Chrysler have approved the use EPS-processed steel as a replacement of acid pickled for end use product application. The extensive testing covered paint appearance and corrosion resistance, phosphate/pre-tretment performance, adhesive compatibility and spot resistance weldability. Get details

China's TISCO Runs 1st Multi-Cell EPS Line

November 12, 2013

(Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China) Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. (TISCO) completed processing of the first coil through its new Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) production line on July 12, 2013.This event marked two important 'firsts' for EPS technology:

  1. The first use of EPS technology in China, the world's largest steel-producing market;
  2. The first multi-cell EPS production line using EPS Generation 2 technology. The line employs three (3) Generation 2.0 EPS Cells. Get details.
Lee Steel Expands With New EPS Coil Line

April 24, 2012

(Novi, MI) Lee Steel Corporation is constructing a new 250,000 sq.ft. facility in Romulus, Michigan. It will move its existing Detroit operations to the new location which should be operational in Q2 2013. The facility will feature a turnkey two-cell EPS Coil Line manufactured by Red Bud Industries. It not only brings new capability to Lee Steel's growing customer base, but brings a decidedly 'green' emphasis to complement Lee Steel's reputation as an innovator in processing technology. Get full details

EPS Applied to "Tough to Pickle" Materials

March 28, 2012

(Red Bud, IL) The Material Works, Ltd. released details of trials where the EPS process descaled material that is considered very difficult to consistently descale by acid pickling. One involved heavy gauge, high yield material that is difficult to even loop through acid tanks. Another involved very hard martensitic stainless and led the pickler to conclude they may want an EPS Cell installed in front of their existing acid tanks. Get full details . . .

EPS vs. Acid Pickled Surface Texture Study

November 2, 2011

(Red Bud, IL) The Material Works, Ltd. released results of a study in which the surface texture of samples of EPS-processed and acid-pickled steel were analyzed using non-contact optical profilometry. The study evaluated bare steel, chromated samples and chromated and e-coated samples. While the bare EPS samples exhibited a higher Ra than the acid pickled samples , the painted EPS samples had a smoother surface, due to the uniformity of the EPS surface. Get full details . . .

EPS Coil Line Manufacturer For India

October 31, 2011

(Mumbai, India) Leak-Proof Steel Plant Projects, a leading producer of flat rolled steel processing equipment and acid pickling lines, has been qualified as an EPS Coil Line Manufacturer to serve the Indian market. LPSPP is accepting inquires for EPS Coil Lines, the integration of EPS Cells into slitting or cut-to-length lines, and replacement of acid pickling tanks with EPS cells in existing acid pickling lines. Get full details . . .

Rick Thomas Named EPS Sales Director

October 11, 2011

(Red Bud, IL) The Material Works, Ltd., a leading flat rolled steel toll processing and technology development company, today announced that Rick Thomas has been named the Director of Sales for its Technology Division. In this role Thomas, a twelve year employee of TMW who was most recently Director of Customer Service, will lead the worldwide EPS sales efforts. Get full details . . .

Stripco Expands With EPS Technology

August 29, 2011

(Mishawaka, IN) Stripco Inc., a leading flat rolled steel processor, today announced an expansion of its Mishawaka, Indiana operations to host a new EPS Coil Line. The Stripco EPS pickling line, with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons, will process hot rolled black strip up to 0.375" thick and 72" wide. The line is expected to be operational in December, 2011. Get full details . . .

Steel Technologies Bringing EPS To Mexico

August 9, 2011

(Louisville, KY) Steel Technologies LLC., one of the leading flat rolled steel processors in North America, today announced it will begin construction of a 300,000 sq. ft. pickling and processing operation in Monterrey, Mexico. The facility, expected to begin operation late 2012, will utilize Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) technology from The Material Works to perform environmentally-friendly pickling of strip steel. Get full details . . .

EPS Wins AMM 'Award for Steel Excellence'

June 24, 2011

(New York City) The Material Works, Ltd., a leading flat rolled steel toll processing and technology development company, received the American Metal Market's 2011 Award for Steel Excellence in the Environmental Responsibility and Stewardship category for its development of the Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) process. The patented EPS process was also nominated for a second Steel Excellence award in the Best Innovation category. Get full details . . .



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