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Places where EPS steel pickling replaces acid pickling
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The first plasam cutting beam drill line is really
much more than a beam drill line.

TMW's location is ideal for flat roll steel supply to
customers in Kansas, St. Louis, Texas and Louisianna.

Worldwide EPS Production Centers

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Eco Pickled Surface Production Lines

Company / Country


Supplier of Terminal Equipment

Material Size

Number of
EPS Cells
(Cell Version)


Startup Date
   TMW / USA
     – Toll Processor
Red Bud Ind.
1.0 - 8.0 mm thick
1900 mm wide
   JAS Hi-Tube / Korea
     – Tube Producer
Coil Red Bud Ind. 0.8 - 6.0 mm thick
1850 mm wide
120,000 15-March-2011
     – Cold Reducer
Coil Red Bud Ind. 0.8 - 10.0 mm thick
2100 mm wide
150,000 31-Dec.-2011
   Hemnil Metal
   Processors / India
     – Service Center
Slitting Cartel
Engineers Pvt.
2.0 - 12.0 mm thick
2100 mm wide
180,000 1-July.-2013
   TISCO / China
     – Steel Mill
Coil CSDI 0.8 - 12.0 mm thick
2100 mm wide
400,000 14-Aug.-2013
   Steel Technologies -
   Mitsui / Mexico
     – Service Center
Coil Red Bud Ind. 0.8 - 12.0 mm thick
2100 mm wide
650,000 15-Oct.-2013
   Ansteel - Zhejiang
   Jingu / China
     – Service Center
Coil Yawei
0.8 - 12.0 mm thick
2100 mm wide
   Zhejiang Jingu / China
     – Manufacturer
Sheet Zeye 1.8 - 12.0 mm thick
2100 mm wide
72,000 3-Mar- 2016
   TYASA / Mexico
     – Steel Mill
Coil Red Bud Ind. 0.8 - 2.0 mm thick
1900 mm wide
350,000 13-Oct-2017
   Confidential / Russia
     – Cold Reducer
Coil Red Bud Ind. 0.8 - 3.5 mm thick
1900 mm wide
400,000 22-Feb-2018
   Bishui Ltd. / China
     – Service Center
Coil MCCE 2.0 - 12.0 mm thick
1600 mm wide
550,000 March 2018
   Kama Trade / Russia
     – Service Center
Sheet Red Bud Ind. 4.0 - 12.7 mm thick
2100 mm wide
150,000 Jan 2019
   Todoaceros / Spain
     – Service Center
Coil Red Bud Ind. 2.0 - 12.7 mm thick
2100 mm wide
240,000 March 2019
The Material Works opatented acidless steel pickling

The Material Works, Ltd. (TMW), a leading toll processor offering slitting, cut-to-length, multi-blanking and stretcher leveling is the developer of the EPS process. TMW began researching the process in 2007 and built a full-scale coil-to-coil production system for process refinement and assessment of its economics. This line processed thousands of tons until TMW sold it to focus on designing a higher capacity EPS cell. TMW implemented the higher capacity cell in the first-ever EPS Sheet line and in 2016 installed the first ever high performance Generation 3 EPS Coil LIne. Visit the TMW Web Site.

Jeong An Hi-Tube Co., Ltd. (JAS) is a leading producer of a wide array of ERW steel pipe products and the first producer of in-line galvanized steel pipe in South Korea. JAS produces 150,000 tons of pipe per year on its large continous production lines. It acquired the EPS Alpha Coil Line from TMW in 2010 and today uses it to pickle steel coils prior to slitting them for the widths required for its pipe products. The decision to use EPS was consistent with JAS' emphasis on minimizing its operations impact on the environment. Visit the JAS Web Site.

JAS Operates EPS steel pickling in South Korea
Stripco operates an EPS pickling line for HSLA steel

The Stripco division of Steel Technologies operates from facilities totaling 246,000 sq. ft. in Mishawaka, Indiana. Stripco offers cold reduction, annealing, slitting, edge conditioning, and cut-to-length, annually processing more than100,000 tons for customers in the automotive, agricultural, outdoor power equipment, recreational vehicle and other industries. Stripco's capabilities also include EPS pickling and surface conditioning. Stripco operates the first EPS Coil Line with a new generation EPS Cell, processing material up to 0.393" and 72" wide. For more information, visit the Stripco Web Site.

Steel Technologies LLC is one of North America's leading steel service center networks with 24 facilities that perform pickling, slitting, rolling, annealing, oscillating, edging, cut-to-length and blanking of flat rolled steel. Steel Technologies has constructed a state-of-the-art 300,000 sq. ft. processing center in Monterrey, Mexico. This new facility features an EPS coil line utilizing four new generation EPS Cells. It processes material up to 0.500" thick and 72" wide, producing either oiled or oil-free EPS product according to individual customers' needs. Visit the Steel Technologies Web Site.

Steel Technologies operates an acidless pickling line in Mexico
Hemnil operates an EPS cell in Pune India

Hemnil Metal Processors Pvt. Ltd., A steel service center located in Pune, India, is operating a single EPS cell integrated into a slitting line. The EPS Cell is located upstream of the slitting head, making the line capable of producing completely clean, scale-free slit coils from master coils of hot roll black.

This is a prime example of the flexibility of EPS Technology, as it allows Hemnil to operate in-line pickling and slitting in a compact, cost-effective arrangement.

Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group (TISCO), a leading China steel company and the world's largest producer of stainless steel, has installed three EPS cells. These cells are integrated into a production line with 'push-pull' terminal equipment manufactured in China. TISCO conducts substantial research into improving steel making and wanted to replace acid pickling as it expands its operations in the most environmentally responsible manner. In addition to stainless, TISCO also produces high carbon and special alloy steels for total annual capacity of 10 million tons.

TISCO operates the EPS steel pickling line in China
Ansteel operates an EPS Coil line in a new service center in China

Anshan Iron and Steel Group, ANSTEEL, is one of China's largest and most integrated steelmakers, producing hot and cold rolled strip, galvanized and pre-painted strip, silicon steel, heavy rail, seamless pipe, wire rod and steel ropes.


ANSTEEL operates a 2 Cell Version 2.2 EPS Coil Line in a new service center it built in partnership with Zhejiang Jingu Company, Ltd., China's largest manufacturer of steel wheels.

Talleres y Aceros (TYASA) has installed a two-cell EPS Coil Line to complete what may be the most advanced, environmentally-friendly minimill facility in the world. The EPS line will use Version 2.2 EPS technology to descale thin strip Castrip® poured from the world's first Simetal EAF Quantum electric arc furnace. In building this new minimill, TYASA was focused on using the most efficient, sustainable steelmaking and processing technologies available. The selection of EPS technology for pickling was made with that criteria in mind.

Castrip is a registered trademark of Castrip LLC.

TYASA will pickle Castrip at its new steel minimill in Mexico
Jingu will operate an EPS Sheet line and co-operates an EPS Coil Line with ANSTEEL

Zhejiang Jingu Company, Ltd. is China's largest manufacturer of steel wheels, supplying many of the world's leading automotive and truck OEMs. TMW and Jingu have formed a joint venture company to supply EPS Cells exclusively to China and Korea customers.


'Jingu' operates its own EPS version 6.2 Sheet Line - the low cost line that operates with 4 Slurry Turbines instead of the typical 8. It is also a partner, with Chinese steel producer Ansteel, in a new service center operating a 2-Cell EPS Coil Line.

A flat rolled processor who specializes in cold reducing has installed a 2-cell EPS Version 2.2 Coil Line for material up to 3.5 mm thick. The line is located in Russia, but the owner wishes to remain anonymous.

cold reducer orders two-cell EPS line
Xinyu Bishui of China operates a 3 Cell EPS Coil line

Xinyu Bishui Steel Strip Company, Ltd.built a brand new toll processing facility for EPS and cold reduction. They handle carbon steel strip and high quality steel grades. Bishui is a “reformed acid pickler.” They operated an acid pickling line in their old plant, but converted to EPS for their new plant. Their 3 Cell EPS Coil Line employs the first EPS cells built by our Chinese JV company, TMW-Jingu. The terminal equipment was provided by MCCE.

Kama Trade Tatarstan, LLC. is a Russian service center that serves the automotive, railroad, bridge and crane construction and shipbuilding industries. Kama Trade has opened Brandsteel, a brand new service center focused on EPS processed sheet and plate from 3 to 25mm thick. Their single cell EPS sheet line is expected to be operational January 2019. For details visit the Kama Trade web site.

cold reducer orders two-cell EPS line
Jingu will operate an EPS Sheet line and co-operates an EPS Coil Line with ANSTEEL

Todoaceros is a rapidly growing service center in Spain and a part of the Network Steel family. Their single Generation 3/Version 2 EPS cell will be installed immediately after the SCS unit in their existing RBI coil line. Dual Bradbury levelers allow them to process up to 15mm x 2000mm 700 MPa coils. The line is unique: it will provide EPS processed material in coil form or go directly to sheets via a downstream flying shear. The EPS cell will be operational March 2019. Visit the Todoaceros web site for details.

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