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Users of EPS pickles steel discuss its advantages
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What Users Have To Say About EPS

Kloeckner Metals from Germany uses EPS steel

"The EPS pickling removes scale and gives us a very smooth, oil-free surface, while the Stretcher Leveling gives us the reliable flatness we need. As a result, we’re experiencing consistent laser cutting with a significantly reduced scrap rate and improved cutting speed.”

Don Zajicek
General Manager
Kloeckner Metals

"Our customers see great value in EPS Unlimited dry compared to a traditional pickled and oiled surface. They have been able to increase laser cutting speeds by 20 to 30% and on top of that, can skip shot blasting prior to painting."

Timo Vierimaa,
Peak Metals, Inc.

Peak Metals uses EPS for High strength Metals
Oneal Steel  is an EPS distributor

"Since stocking EPS Unlimited, our customers comment on how well the clean, oil-free surface laser cuts, how it lets them increase their laser speed, and how the dry surface helps throughout their other fabricating processes. Nothing else we've ever supplied elicits the positive feedback EPS Unlimited does."

Terry Orsbun,
GM of Evansville, Indiana facility
O'Neal Steel Company

"We're launching an exciting new method of how we process our mild and stainless steel material to remove mill scale and rust. This innovative technology, "Eco Pickled Surface" or EPS, creates an ideal profile for paint adhesion especially on stainless steel. In addition, it preps the steel better than any acid chemicals currently available for wash systems. "

Central Moloney, Inc.
Manufacturer of Electrical Distribution Transformers
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Central Moloney is an EPS steel User
Greer Steel is an EPS Supplier

"What attracted us to EPS was the dry surface. We bell annealed EPS coils and they left no oil in the annealing bell or vent lines. Also, EPS' clean, consistent surface masks the silicon streaks that acid pickling highlights. We've been very happy annealing and cold reducing EPS."

Robert Costello,
VP Operations
Greer Steel Company

" Eco Pickled steel eliminates fumes from welding and lasering process making it safer for our workers and the environment. Not only is it safer during our thermal processes, it offers a cleaner surface for paint adhesion. This minimizes the use of degreasing agents used in paint preparation, which further impacts the environment in a positive direction. "

Yarder Manufacturing Company
Custom Sheet Metal Fabricator
Toledo, Ohio

Yarder Manufacturing is an EPS steel fabricator
The Steel Works is an EPS Distributor

"This combination of EPS Processing and Stretcher Leveling creates an unrivaled value among prime steel products. A demanding customer of ours raves about EPS Unlimited. The stress-relieved sheets laser great and their surface quality gives a consistently high-quality paint finish."

The Steel Works, LLC.
Steel Processor and Distributor
Granite City, Illinois

"I'm very impressed with EPS. We proved it is rust-resistant and obtained excellent salt spray test results. It even removes silicon streaks. And with no oil, there's less smoke in our thermal processing and our paint pretreatment system stays much cleaner "

DeJong Manufacturing Company
Contract Sheet Metal Fabricator
New Sharon, Iowa

DeJong manufacturing prefers fabricating EPS sheet steel
ACESCO has cold reduced and galvanized EPS pickled steel

"During the hot immersion galvanizing process for the EPS coil, the material did not present any issues and was processed at 25 tons/hour. The spangle obtained in this steel was more uniform, and compared to acid pickled coils of the same thickness that preceded it, the EPS coil's spangle was smaller and more homogeneous."

Acerias De Colombia S.A.
Steel Processor and Distributor
Colombia, South America

"My top EPS user does everything from laser cutting, to press brake, to welding, to powder coating. He says he has no trouble performing any process on EPS.  From 14ga to 1/2" and from CQ to Grade 50, anything he has ever done worked as well with EPS as it did with P&O. There is no question whatsoever that for him EPS completely replaces P&O. "

Steve Morrow
General Manager
Southern Metals Supply

DeJong manufacturing prefers fabricating EPS sheet steel
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