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EPS Coil Pickling Line processes coils of flat rolled steel
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TMW's Processing Division offers precision cut-to-length and multi-blanking.

Structural Steel fabrication guided by Tekla Structures files is an idea whose time has come.

EPS Coil Line: Versatile Eco Pickling Capacity

The EPS Coil Line is how many steel processors, manufacturers and picklers will deploy advanced EPS technology in their own facilities. EPS Coil Lines can be flexibly configured to accommodate a variety of production capacities and needs, as shown here:



Line speed is controlled automatically using an optical device that measures the "brightness" of the exiting EPS strip. Brightness level correlates to the amount of residual scale on the surface. The standard is to match that of typical acid pickling, but the operator can dial in a brighter setting, which will slow the line speed, or a less bright setting which will speed up the line, but leave more residual scale on the surface.


Configuration options include:

  • Additional EPS Cells, added in modular fashion, to increase line speed proportionately
  • Different shape correction methods (EPS requires strip flatness < 38mm in 2.5m wave intervals)
  • Special lubricant or surface coating systems
  • Strip surface inspection technology


Compare EPS Pickling to
Acid Pickling


EPS 'green' pickling of steel offers more than environmental and economic advantages. It provides flexibility in configurations, future line expansion, maintenance and many other areas that acid pickling cannot match.


The animation on the right explains some of the more important advantages EPS pickling has over acid pickling.
Click to Play the animation.




Design An EPS Coil Line To Meet Your Needs


The modular nature of EPS Cells (which includes water filtration system) gives coil processors many possibilities for implementing EPS technology. You can purchase individual EPS Cells and incorporate them into an existing processing line or you can work with the coil line equipment vendor of your choice to configure a custom line.


Perhaps a turnkey EPS Coil Line might be the best approach for you. In that case, you'll want to speak with an approved turnkey EPS Coil Line supplier. Whatever your needs, get started by registering to use the EPS Systems Sales page.



EPS Steel pickling lines can be push pull or continuous


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