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The EPS Sheet Line processes sheets of strip steel
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Stretcher Leveled Sheets for Illimois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa from the TMW Processing Division.

Plasma cutting for beam coping is faster and more accurate with PythonX.

EPS CTL Plate Line for Stay-Flat, Dry, Scale-Free Plate

ConAg equipment, rail car, tank/vessel manufacturers and other users of large plate sections want a dry, scale-free product. It's cleaner, simplifies paint prep and eliminates blasting operations. But few acid pickling lines that can run material over 12.5mm (0.50") thick and few CTL processors can turn coils of 12.5mm – 25mm (1/2" – 1") material into sheets.


Our new patent-pending** development combines the pickling and CTL operations into a single processing line. Integrating the smaller Version 6 EPS Cell into a heavy gage Stretcher Leveling or Temper Pass CTL line creates an efficient, compact CTL line that produces ‘stay flat’, dry, rust-resistance plate up to 25mm (1") thick.



As the video shows, the EPS Cell extends the length of a heavy gage CTL line by a small amount. It presents only a modest increase in the line’s capital cost because it uses the Version 6 EPS Cell with only 4 Slurry Turbines – two above the plate and two below – instead of the normal 8. Fewer Slurry Turbines can still achieve the needed scale removal at attractive line speeds for a CTL line handling 12.5mm to 25mm (1/2" to 1") material. If the plate only needs to be ‘cleaned up’, rather than thoroughly pickled, the speed can be increased up to 3X. And for orders that require no descaling, the EPS Cell is simply turned off and the line operates as a normal CTL line.


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