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The EPS Sheet Line processes sheets of strip steel
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Stretcher Leveled Sheets for Illimois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa from the TMW Processing Division.

Plasma cutting for beam coping is faster and more accurate with PythonX.

EPS Sheet Line: Bring A Better Sheet Steel To Fabricators

For steel processors who primarily supply sheets to their customers, the EPS Sheet Line can be an ideal addition to their business. It helps them "get in the game" quicker because the EPS Sheet Line's capital cost and floorspace requirement are less than an EPS Coil Line. It's also a solution for removing surface rust and defects from material that's already in sheet form.



The first EPS Sheet Line began operational testing at TMW in 2010. In January 2011, it was turned over for EPS production and is now producing EPS sheets for service centers and their fabricator customers.


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More EPS Sheet Line Benefits


Some have asked: "Why an EPS Sheet Line? Can't you just run EPS'd coils on a cut-to-length line?"


Yes you can, but if you run it on a cut-to-length (CTL) line that also processes hot roll black or HRPO, the EPS would pick up unwanted residue left behind by those other materials.


Also, an EPS Sheet Line can make that CTL line more productive. That's because stacks coming off the CTL line are bundled to customer spec. Customers don't want oversized bundles, so the CTL stops more frequently to offload stacks. If instead, the stacks go to the EPS Sheet Line, they can be much larger, so CTL line interruptions are reduced.




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