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No hydrochloric acid or acid pickling solution with EPS steel pickling
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How EPS Lowers Acid Pickling Line Costs, Boosts Capacity

Acid pickling is most efficient for low carbon steel strip. When an acid pickling line descales high carbon or alloy products, it must be slowed considerably – as much as 75% ! (see details). EPS faces no such limitation. EPS pickling of these harder steels is generally as fast as EPS pickling of low carbon steel.


Picklers who currently run several products on their acid line can get a significant advantage by installing an EPS line and moving the 'difficult-to-descale' products to the EPS line. Those products will run much faster on the EPS line and free up capacity on the acid pickling line to run much higher volumes of low carbon steel at high speeds. The animation below illustrates this:



It's clear that for picklers already operating hydrofluoric acid pickling lines, an investment in EPS technology can have a 'multiplier effect.' It doesn't just add the EPS capacity, but offers the opportunity to significantly boost the capacity of the acid pickling line by dedicating it to low carbon steel where it incurs no processing speed penalty.


In addition, the EPS line would allow these picklers to offer their customers these distinct advantages of an EPS-pickled product:

  • A more consistent surface with optimized roughness
  • Mitigation of mill surface defects (pitting, roll marks, silicon streaks, etc.)
  • A surface that produces a more attractive, tight spangle after cold reduction/galvanizing
    (see details in EPS Applications Testing Report)


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